George Stump & Chad Kemp - Co-Chairmen



Rules Governing Exhibit:

1. All exhibitors must notify swine department chairman of their
    intentions to enter exhibits in the fair two weeks prior to the
    opening day of the fair. Pen numbers will be assigned to each
    exhibitor. Entry forms can be had from the Department
    Chairman, George Stump.
2. All animals for exhibition must be in place by Wednesday
    evening before 8:00 p.m. and remain on the grounds until
    8:00 p.m. closing day.
3. All animals entered in the breeding classes must be pure bred
    and registered. All animals 1 year and older must be registered     and pedigrees shown on demand.
4. The judging of swine will take place at 8:00 a.m. on opening
    day and all exhibitors shall be present at that time to show
    their swine.
5. Feed troughs and water troughs must be supplied by
    the exhibitors.
6. No animal will be considered unless presented in the ring at
    the judge's call.
7. All livestock must be owned by the exhibitor.
8. Owners must care or arrange to have their livestock cared for
    by competent individuals. Exhibitors must furnish their own
9. The committee will decide the number of pens available for
    breeding classes

Health Rules for Swine:

1. No swine showing clinical signs of contagious or infectious
    disease will be admitted to any show.
2. All show swine must be individually identified be either ear tag,     ear notch, or tattoo.
3. Interstate swine exhibited at Pennsylvania shows or fairs must
    be accompanied by an interstate health certificate to be eligible     for entry.
4. An "Animal Owner of Caretaker's Verification of Veterinarian-     Client-Patient-Relationship" form must be presented upon
    arrival at all shows and fairs in Pennsylvania.
5. The most recent vaccine must be administered not less than
    15 days or more than 180 days before the show, with proper
    directions from your veterinarian, your health certificate should
    be good for 90 days.

*Revised swine health regulations became effective May 19, 1982. Please consult your local veterinarian or the Bureau of Animal Industry (717-783-5301) for an update on these new regulations at least 30 days before the fair.

OR --

The entries must be blood tested by an accredited veterinarian and the blood samples, or, preferably, the blood serum samples submitted to the Pennsylvania Bureau of Animal Industry Laboratory and found negative within 180 days of the opening of the Fair.

Swine Breeding
Section 1 Berkshire          
Section 2 Chester White          
Section 3 Duroc          
Section 4 Hampshire          
Section 5 Poland China          
Section 6 Spotted Swine          
Section 7 Yorkshire          
Section 8 Others (by breed)          
Class 1. January Sow Pig farrowed on or after
Jan. 1, this year & before Feb. 1, this year
$ 12 $ 10 $ 8 $ 6 $ 4
Class 2. February Sow Pig farrowed on or after
Feb. 1, this year & before March 1, this year
$ 12 $ 10 $ 8 $ 6 $ 4
Class 3. March Sow Pig farrowed on or after
March 1, this year & before April 1, this year
$ 12 $ 10 $ 8 $ 6 $ 4
Class 4. April Sow Pig farrowed on or after April 1, this year. $ 12 $ 10 $ 8 $ 6 $ 4
  Grand Champion Gilt     Rosette
  Reserve Grand Champion Gilt     Rosette
  Grand Champion Gilt of all breeds      
  Reserve Grand Champion Gilt of all breeds      
Class 10. Get of Sire - to consist of four animals -
Gilts or Barrows farrowed on or after Jan. 1 of this year
$ 12 $ 10 $ 8 $ 6 $ 4
Class 11. Produce of Dam - to consist of four animals
of one sow, farrowed on or after Jan. 1 of this year
$ 12 $ 10 $ 8 $ 6 $ 4
Class 12. Sow and Litter (not less than 6 piglets under 8 weeks). This will be for exhibit only.
Each exhibitor will receive $40.00.

Swine shown in Breeding Classes cannot be shown in Market Classes or vice versa.

Market Classes
Section 10 Individual Market Hogs - two entries per exhibitor. $ 15 $ 13 $ 11 $ 9 $ 7
Class 1. Light Light Weight          
Class 2. Medium Light Weight          
Class 3. Heavy Light Weight          
  Champion Light Weight     Rosette    
  Reserve Champion Light Weight     Rosette    
Class 4. Light Medium Weight          
Class 5. Medium Medium Weight          
Class 6. Heavy Medium Weight          
  Champion Medium Weight     Rosette    
  Reserve Champion Medium Weight     Rosette    
Class 7. Light Heavy Weight          
Class 8. Medium Heavy Weight          
Class 9. Heavy Heavy Weight          
  Champion Heavy Weight     Rosette    
  Reserve Heavy Weight     Rosette    
  Grand Champion Market Swine     Rosette    
  Reserve Grand Champion Market Swine     Rosette    
Section 11 Pair of Market Swine. $ 15 $ 13 $ 11 $ 9 $ 7
Weight class will be set after weigh-in (up to three classes will be set)
Class 1. Light          
Class 2. Medium          
Class 3. Heavy          

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