Loretta Rizzo - Chairman
All exhibitors must notify Rabbit Department Chairman
of their intention to enter exhibits in the fair by September
1st. Failure to comply will result in rejection of the
entries at entrance time.
Rules & Regulations for Department

1.Enter exhibits - Wednesday 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm.
2. Only one entry per class per exhibitor.
3. All rabbits must have a permanent ear mark.
4. Each exhibitor must sign a statement as to the rabbit being free from
    known health disorders.
5. Breeds sanctioned by the American Rabbit Breeders Association
    may be used.
6. Rabbits will be handled only by the Judge or authorized Fair Official.
7. All rabbits will be judged by a competent judge (s) and will be placed
    within a class position. Decisions rendered by the head judge will be
    final. Entries may be placed in the correct class at the discretion
    of the judge(s).
8. Exhibitors may feed and water their own rabbits. Otherwise, rabbits
    will be fed, watered and cared for by competent persons. All
    exhibitors must provide weighted water and feed bowls.
9. Entries must be bona-fide property of the exhibitor. All rabbits must be
    separately cooped and clearly marked as to sex and class.
10. Rabbits may be removed at 8:00 pm Saturday with proof of identity.
11. An "Animal Owner of Caretaker's Verification of Veterinarian-Client-
      Patient-Relationship" form must be presented upon arrival at all
      shows and fairs in Pennsylvania.
Section   1American Fuzzy Lop Section 14Creme D'Argent Section 27Mini Lop
Section   2English Angora Section 15Dutch Section 28Netherland Dwarf
Section   3French Angora Section 16Dwarf Hotot Section 29New Zealand
Section   4Giant Angora Section 17English Spot Section 30Polish
Section   5Satin Angora Section 18Flemish Giant Section 31Rex
Section   6Belgian Hare Section 19Florida White Section 32Mini Rex
Section   7Britannia Petite Section 20Harlequin Section 33Rhinelander
Section   8Californian Section 21Himalayan Section 34Satin
Section   9Champagne D'Argent Section 22Hotot Section 35Silver Martin
Section 10Checkered Giant Section 23Jersey Wooly Section 36Tan
Section 11American Chinchilla Section 24English Lop Section 37Lionhead
Section 12Giant Chinchilla Section 25French Lop Section 38Mixed Breeds (Youth only)
Section 13Standard Chinchilla Section 26Holland Lop Section 39Other Breeds
Class 1. Senior Buck - 6 months and older $ 4.00 $ 3.00 $ 2.00 $ 1.00
2. Senior Doe - 6 months and older      
3. Junior Buck - younger than 6 months      
4. Junior Doe - younger than 6 months      

GRAND CHAMPION, selected from Blue Ribbon Winners, will receive Rosette Ribbon