Trophy Winners 2016
Department Number Department Name Recipient
2 Dairy Kevin Schlegel
3 Beef Jacob Guldin
4 Sheep Sarah Vamvakias
5 Swine Colin Kemp & Evan Kemp
6 Goats Leah Walters
9 Rabbits Keith Reitnauer
12 Hay and Grains Andrew Youse
13 Vegetables Cindy Kunkel
14 Fruits and Nuts Dennis Bausher
15-1 Baked Goods Denise Wagner
15-2 Canned and Dried Products Joy Richard
11-8 Junior Foods Leah Haas
17-1 Floral Exhibits (Adults) Felicia Reed
17-2 Floral Exhibits (Students) Katelyn Wagner
17-3 Horticultural Education Floral Tiffany Long
18 Needlecraft (Adult) Audrey Smeltzer-Schwab
11-9 Needlecraft (Student) Priscilla Harris
19-1 Arts & Crafts (Adult) Alyssa Sitarik
19-2 Arts & Crafts (Students) Joshua Griffith
19-3 Photography (Adult) Ashley Selig
19-4 Photography (Student) Allie Shubert
21 Homemade Wines Donald Angstadt
23 Apiary Products Evelyn Taylor

Warren B. Levengood Memorial Trophy Winners
2 Dairy Showmanship Isaac Rohrbach
3 Beef Showmanship Jacob Guldin
3 Dairy Beef Showmanship Hayden Philips
5 Swine Showmanship Nathan Younker
6 Goat Showmanship Shane Martin
10 Sheep Blocking & Grooming Sarah Vamvakias

Frank S. Fisher Memorial Trophy Winners
2 Dairy Fitting Samuel Angstadt
3 Beef Fitting Marissa Spatz
3 Dairy Beef Fitting Hayden Philips
5 Swine Fitting Stephanie Younker
6 Goat Fitting Shane Martin
10 Sheep Fitting Sarah Vamvakias

James Heffner Memorial Trophy
10 Sheep Showmanship Sarah Vamvakias

Bernard Zackon Memorial Award
2 Supreme Dairy Cow Austin Kopfer

Grand Champion Market Lamb Trophy
10 Grand Champion Market Lamb Ethan Timer

Certificates Donated by F. M. Brown's Sons, Inc.
Grand Champion Oats: Andrew Youse
Grand Champion Wheat: Duane Petersheim
Grand Champion Barley: Andrew Youse

Certificate Donated by Timac USA, Inc.
Grand Champion Corn: Jenny Hafer
Reserve Champion Corn: Duane Petersheim

Certificate Donated by Oley Valley Feed, Inc.
Grand Champion Hay: Duane Petersheim
Reserve Champion Hay: Duane Petersheim

Fair Dairy Management Contest
First Nate Guldin
Second Issac Rohrbach
Third Molli Yorgey
Fourth Haley Weidman
Fifth Hayden Phillips
Sixth Autumn Gamler
Seventh Paige Rohrbach
Eighth Kylie Schroeder
Ninth Rachel Noll
Tenth Oliver Prout

Best of Show Winners
Department Number Department Name Recipient
11-8 Junior Food Baked Goods Geoffrey Nagle
  Canned Goods Junior Lydia Harris
10-9 & 11-9 Junior Needlecraft Lydia Harris
13 Vegetable Jeff Miller
14 Fruits Apples - Plate of Five Michael Beekman
  Nuts Dennis Bausher
15-1 Baked Goods Rona Pienta
15-2 Canned Goods Canned & Dried Products Paul Herb
  Butters, Jellies, Jams, ... Richard Strunk
17-1 Adult Floral Flowering & Foliage Plant Ali Levan
  Annual & Perennial Flowers Raka Zech
  Artistic Arrangements Michelle Glick
17-3 Horticultural Education Floral Tiffany Long
17-2 Junior Floral Exhibits Rosalee Glick
18 Needlecraft Clothing Hannah Harris
  Needlework Susan Arbogast
  Quilt Shari Nyles
19-1 Adult Arts & Crafts Cheryl Bortz
19-2 Junior Arts & Crafts Grades Pre thru 5 Alyssa Withers
  Grades 6 thru 12 Lydia Jordache
19-3 Adult Photography Kelli O'Brien
19-4 Junior Photography Sarah Hetrick
21 Homemade Wines - sweet Sidney Naugle
  Homemade Wines - dry Veronica Schoellkopf
23 Apiary Eugene Taylor

Commercial Exhibit Awards
1. Oley Valley Heritage Assn. 1. Ed Jones Investments
2. Gary Weller Painting 2. PA Oak & Log Homes
3. Oley Valley Business Assn. 3. Pikeville Equipment
4. Berks-Mont Newspapers 4. Heffner Printing
5. Wentzel Fabrications 5. R.H. Lorish Mower