Section 14


Carl Brown - Chairman
Friday - 9:00am

PURPOSE: This contest will provide an educational opportunity for contestants and will emphasize the importance of the dairy industry. Participation in this contest will be limited to individuals from the Oley Fair area (see Exhibitors Information Page, rule 3) that are enrolled in grades 6 to 12. No participant may have been a former first place winner of this contest.

First $100.00
Second $ 50.00
Third $ 25.00
Fourth $ 10.00
Fifth - Tenth $  5.00

CLASSES: There will be four classes of 50 points each. Contestants will be divided into three groups and rotate through the first three classes. Ten minutes will be allotted to complete each of these classes. The groups will combine for a dairy judging class that will make up the fourth class and 12 minutes will be allotted to complete this class. The four classes will be as follows:

1) BREED IDENTIFICATION: Contestants will need to correctly identify five of seven breeds of dairy cattle normally shown at the Oley Fair.
2) EXTERNAL ANATOMY: Name ten specific areas of a dairy cow’s anatomy. Contestants will need to match names shown on corresponding quiz sheet with parts shown on cow.
3) FEED AND FORAGE IDENTIFICATION: Ten samples of commonly used dairy feed ingredients and forages will be identified from a list of fifty-two possible correct answers.
4) DAIRY JUDGING CLASS: A four animal class of dairy cows or heifers will be presented for evaluation and ranking based on their confirmation. Placings and cuts will be based on the official score as determined by the judge.

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