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All exhibits (excluding livestock) must be entered between
4:00PM - 8:00PM Monday and Tuesday of Fair week

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Entry tag request can be emailed to:

Health Rules & Regulations
(For Cattle and Beef)
Download the Animal Owner or Caretaker’s Verification of Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship form



(Departments 2, 3, 10-2, 10-3, 11-2, 11-3)


All animals must have an official ear tag.

  1. No cattle showing clinical signs of contagious or infectious disease, including active ring worm warts, lice and mange, will be admitted to any show.
  2. All cattle for exhibition in Pennsylvania should be accompanied by a health certificate signed by an accredited veterinarian that includes a statement that the animal(s) identified have been immunized against IBR, PI3 and BVD using at least 2 doses of killed vaccine, 2-4 weeks apart or one dose of MLV vaccine. The most recent vaccine must be administered not less than 15 days or more than 180 days before the show, with proper directions from your veterinarian, your health certificate shoud be good for 90 days.
  3. An “Animal Owner or Caretaker’s Verification of Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship” form must be presented upon arrival at all shows and fairs in Pennsylvania. A sample copy of this form can be found on the next page. Copies will be accepted.

Oley Valley Community Fair Book

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Department 2 Dairy

Department 3 Beef

Department 4 Sheep

Department 5 Swine

Department 6 Goats

Department 9 Rabbits

Department 12 Hay & Grains

Department 13 Vegetables

Department 14 Fruits & Nuts

Department 15-1 Baked Goods

Department 15-2 Canned Goods

Department 17-1 Floral Exhibits

Department 18 Needlecraft

Department 19-1 Arts and Crafts

Department 19-3 Photography

Department 21 Homemade Wines

Department 23 Apiary Products


ELIGIBILITY: 4-H Club members must have passed their eighth birthday but not have passed their nineteenth birthday by January 1 of the current year. Exhibitors must be 4-H members, a project in the field in which they wish to make entry and be under the supervision of Pennsylvania State University Cooperative Extension Service by July 1 preceding the fair.

NOTE: 4-H or FFA member must be present and must have charge of his/her animal at the time of judging.

**Please note that due to limited space, Dept 10-2 will only be open to Eastern Berks 4-H Club Members, Oley Valley FFA Members and currently enrolled Berks Career and Technology Center East students.

Department 10 4-H & Vocational

Department 10-2 Dairy Cattle

Department 10-3 Beef Cattle

Department 10-4 Sheep

Department 10-5 Swine

Department 10-6 Goats

Department 10-8 Junior Food

Department 10-9 Junior Needlecraft


Department 11 Youth Under 19

Department 11 is for youth exhibits other than 4 H and Vocational.

Entries in Department 11 may not be the same as those exhibited under Department 10 or any open classes herein. Sections and classes for Department 11 are the same as Department 10.

Department 11-2 Dairy Cattle

Department 11-3 Beef Cattle

Department 11-4 Sheep

Department 11-5 Swine

Department 11-6 Goats

Department 11-8 Junior Food

Department 11-9 Junior Needlecraft

Department 17-2 Junior Floral Exhibits

Department 17-3 Horticultural Education Floral

Department 19-2 Jr. Arts and Crafts

Department 19-4 Junior Photography


Department 22 - CONTESTS

Section 1 Decorate A Pumpkin

Section 2 Youth Decorated Cupcake

Section 3 Youth Poster Contest Section 4 Lego Contest

Section 4 Lego Contest

Section 5 Decorated Bowling Pin

Section 6 Homemade Chocolate Cake

Section 7 PA Preferred ® Junior Baking Cookie/Brownie/Bar

Section 8 Blue Ribbon Apple Pie Contest

Section 9 Shoo-Fly Pie Contest

Section 10 Angel Food Cake Contest

Section 11 Painted Rock Contest

Section 12 Recycled Junk Art

Section 20 Adult Largest Pumpkin

Section 21 Youth Largest Pumpkin

Section 22 Daily Facebook

Section 23 Tractor Pull

Section 24 Garden Tractor and ATV Pull

Section 25 Dairy Management Contest

Section 26 Children's Pedal Tractor Pull

Section 27 Youth Pedal Tractor Pull

Section 28 Big Wheel Contest

Section 29 Adult Pedal Tractor Pull

Section 30 Youth Bale Throwing

Section 31 Adult Bale Throwing

Section 32 Donut Eating

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